"Am I doing it wrong??"

"I like her, but I'm afraid to get too attached..."

"I would like to get married, maybe...as long as I can be guaranteed I don't turn out like my parents."


Benefits of Coaching:

Coaching fits better for the people I love to work with. Check out these benefits of coaching and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Why Coaching is Awesome:

  1. As your coach, I don't have to give a mental health diagnosis, which means that you don’t get a label that follows you for the rest of your life +
  2. You don’t deal with insurance, they don’t reimburse, they don’t have access to your records, nothing. You get to experience freedom from dealing with them! +
  3. Because there’s no insurance, there’s more flexibility for YOU to decide what you want out of your coaching experience. Do you want phone meetings instead of face to face? Can do! Want to skype for 10 minutes 5 days a week rather than have a traditional weekly session? Absolutely! This is about you reaching your goals. We can be creative in how we do that and what works best for you. +
  4. You are the expert on your life. You may not know it or feel it, but who better than you, knows you? You just need some help keeping on track and staying true to the mission you’ve been given. +
  5. You are functioning. You are getting through. You aren’t “diagnosable.” (And yes, you may overanalyze situations or freak out about the possibility of being alone the rest of your life- but that isn’t a disease. It’s totally normal!) Coaching recognizes this and maximizes your expertise on your life +

Unfortunately, the mental health world has followed suit with the health world and I don’t like where it landed. It landed in the mire of labeling, diagnosing, prescribing, and all that other yucky stuff. Therapy often (not always) requires a diagnosis of a mental health disorder. That just doesn't really apply for the people I work with.

I LOVE Coaching. It is liberating for you to get to work on what you actually want to work on. No dodging or finding loopholes or finagling. Just you, working towards your goals with me helping you.

I completed my masters of science in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2013. I have experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Therapy does a LOT of good for a LOT of people. I've got nothing against Counseling or Therapy. I'm so thankful for it! But I realized that therapy is not what my favorite clients really needed. They didn't need "treatment" or for me to come up with a "treatment plan"- they already had a good idea of what they needed to do. They just needed some help prioritizing, as well as some accountability and strategies for how to get there. This is Coaching.


what we do in session

We help you become/figure out who you really want to be, so that you can be in the relationship you really want to be in. We work through all the questions rolling around in your head out loud and on paper so you have a plan, know where you are headed, and what you need to do to get there.

Sometimes people just need an objective ear and person to bounce ideas off of, to help them make decisions, to get through some rough patches, to strategize about the next move. Sometimes people feel a little crazy and overwhelmed with life, particularly with dating and relationships! This is 100% normal. I help with the overwhelmed crazy feelings. Whether you feel as if you aren't doing enough, need help figuring out the relationship you are in, or want to deal with the commitment and intimacy issues that keep popping up, I can help you. I provide dating and relationship coaching in Mesa AZ. I can help you get clarity on the goals in your life and give you some accountability to actually doing what it takes to get there, and wherever "there" is, and however long it takes to reach it, that's okay!

Bonus: I utilize quality, therapeutic grade essential oils in session with you (only if you like!) at no additional charge. These can help you focus and stay motivated during session, and provide a ton of other side benefits as well. 


Q: How do we start?

A: We'll start with a face to face meeting if that's possible. From there you can decide how you want to be coached. If you prefer phone meetings, online sessions, weekly check-ins, we can work however you feel you'll work best to reach those goals!

Q: How much do coaching sessions cost?

A: $100 per 50 minute session

Q: Do you offer discounts or a sliding scale fee?

A: If you aren't able to make the full payment, I do have a limited number of clients that I will charge a discounted price. Contact me to see if there are any of those spots available.

Q: How long will I need coaching?

A: It really depends on your goals! How long will it take us to get there we don't know, but we can make a plan together. We often start off with weekly sessions, and then we can taper it according to your needs and wants. You might reach your goals in a month and decide you want to set new ones! We work together to determine what's best for you.


If you’re still unsure after reading all that- contact me using the form below and we’ll schedule a free 30-minute consultation in the Mesa office to see if we’d work well together.

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